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With apostolic tenacity and crystal clear precision Johnny James declares that the science of Jesus is the world's greatest topic. 
 Jesus, the Ultimate Ology  exposes the falsehood of trinitarian rhetoric, packs more jesus per chapter than any book on the market and champions the biblical  truth of oneness theology.

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You can fasten your seat belt or strap on your thinking cap (extra tight), but nothing will prepare you for what you are about to experience.  "The Greatest Quotes of the Walking Bible Johnny James" is a book that everyone will enjoy!

From the first to the last truth-packed page, you will laugh loudly, smile sheepishly, reflect gingerly, cringe cautiously, but enjoy it immensely!

Order your copy today!  

 Annual Bible Conference 2012
June 13th - 15th
Theme: "Absolutely Apostolic II" 

Jesus The Ultimate Ology

The Greatest Quotes of "The Walking Bible"

Johnny James Event
November 5, 2011
First Apostolic Church Pentecostal

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